Our Board of Directors

Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara

Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara - Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara is a prominent entrepreneur serving on the Boards of many corporates and conglomerates in the region. He initially ventured into the arena of financial services with a strategic investment in Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC and was appointed to its Board in 2002. Today, he is the Deputy Chairman of LOLC and the Executive Deputy Chairman of LOLC Finance PLC (previously known as Lanka ORIX Finance Company PLC), holding directorships in many of its subsidiaries and associate companies.

Backed by over a decade of professional experience in the industry, Mr. Nanayakkara holds the role of Chairman of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s leading financial service providers for over 27 years, as well as LOLC Life Assurance Limited. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Seylan Bank PLC, a premier commercial bank in the country. His vision to cater to the entire value chain of the finance sector manifested in the development of Microfinance, Islamic Finance, Factoring through LOLC Factors, LOLC Life & General Insurance Companies and Stock Broking through LOLC Securities Ltd.

Leveraging LOLC Group’s expertise in the SME sector, the expansion into the Micro sector was spearheaded by Mr. Nanayakkara, who is the Chairman of their Micro Credit Companies: LOLC Micro Credit Ltd, the only private sector microfinance institution in the country with foreign equity, PRASAC, the largest microfinance Company in Cambodia and BRAC Lanka Finance PLC. Mr. Nanayakkara’s interest in microfinance lead to the inauguration of LOLC Myanmar Micro Finance Company Ltd, a green field investment in Myanmar in which he was the founding Chairman, and currently serves as a Director. His proficiency in microfinance in the region is further demonstrated by his involvement at strategic level in LOLC Cambodia Ltd (Previously known as Thaneakea Phum Ltd); the 5th largest microfinance company in Cambodia. He was also recently appointed as a Director in LOLC International Private Limited.

Mr. Nanayakkara’s motivation to expand into various growth peripheries is further illustrated through his role as the Executive Chairman of Brown & Company PLC and Browns Investments PLC. Browns Group is a renowned conglomerate with leading market position in trade, leisure, power generation, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer appliances and agriculture equipment. Through strategic investments, he is committed to catalysing development in the growth sectors of the Sri Lankan economy such as construction. Mr Nanayakkara’s involvement in the Boards of AgStar Fertilizers PLC, Associated Battery Manufacturers (Cey) Ltd, Sierra Constructions Ltd, and Sagasolar Power (Private) Limited reflects this business philosophy.

His passion for sustainable investment is reflected through his involvement in renewable energy, forestry and plantations. As such, Mr. Nanayakkara was also appointed as the Chairman of Browns Capital PLC (Previously known as FLC Holdings PLC), Browns Hydro Power PLC (Previously known as F L C Hydro Power PLC), and a Director at Pussellawa Plantations Ltd, and FLMC Plantations (Pvt) Ltd, subsequent to a recent acquisition.

Endorsing his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara received the prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) in 2012. He holds a Diploma in Business Accounting from Australia.

Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara

Mr. W D K Jayawardena - Group Managing Director / CEO

Mr. Kapila Jayawardena counts over 33 years’ experience in Banking, Financial Management and Corporate Management. He was appointed as the Group Managing Director/CEO of Lanka ORIX Leasing Co. PLC in 2007. He was the former CEO/Country Head of Citibank Sri Lanka & Maldives.

He has played a pivotal role in the Banking sector contributing to the financial market reforms, development and regularly advising regulators on prudential requirements and has widespread experience in introducing innovative financial service products to the market.

LOLC Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka with presence in diversified industries such as Financial Services, Trading, Manufacturing, Construction, Leisure and Renewable Energy.

As an individual with extensive international and domestic financial experience, he was a key member of the following committees:

  • Chairman, Sri Lanka Bank’s Association (SLBA) 2003/2004.
  • Member of the Financial Services Reforms Committee (FSRC) 2003/ 2004.
  • Director of Lanka Clear and was instrumental in completing the automated clearing project for the Sri Lankan banking industry 2004.
  • President of the American Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka 2006/2007.
  • Member of the inaugural Sovereign ratings team for Sri Lanka.
  • Member of the National Council of Economic Development (NCED).
  • Board Member of the United States - Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission.

Presently, Mr. Jayawardena holds Chairmanship/ directorship in the following companies:

  • Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC - Managing Director/Group CEO
  • LOLC Securities Limited - Chairman
  • Eden Hotel PLC - Chairman
  • Palm Garden Hotels PLC – Chairman.
  • LOLC General Insurance Ltd – Chairman.
  • LOLC Micro Credit Ltd - Director.
  • Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC - Director.
  • Brown & Company PLC - Director.
  • Browns Investments PLC – Director.
  • Seylan Bank PLC – Director.
  • BRAC Lanka Finance PLC – Director.
  • Riverina Resorts (Pvt) Ltd - Director.
  • Browns Capital PLC - Director
  • Pussellawa Plantations Limited - Director
  • Browns Hydro Power PLC - Director
  • FLMC Plantations (Pvt) Ltd - Director
  • LOLC International (Pvt) Ltd – Director


  • Master of Business Administration, American University of Asia
  • Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, Sri Lanka
  • Associate of the Institute of Cost and Executive Accountants, London
Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara

Mrs. K U Amarasinghe

Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe was appointed to the Board in August 2002. She holds an Honours Degree in Economics.

She serves on the Boards of Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC, LOLC Finance PLC, LOLC Micro Credit Ltd, LOLC Life Assurance Ltd, Palm Garden Hotels PLC and Eden Hotel Lanka PLC. She also serves as a Director on the Boards of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, Brown & Company PLC, Browns Investments PLC, Riverina Resorts (Pvt) Ltd, Browns Hydro Power PLC, Browns Capital PLC, Pussellawa Plantations Ltd, Melfort Green Teas (Private) Ltd and FLMC Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.


Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara

Mr. P D J Fernando

Mr Priyantha Fernando has more than 35 years of experience at the Central Bank where he rose to the position of the Deputy Governor. He was the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank in 2010-2011, in charge of the Financial System Stability and the Corporate Services clusters. Mr. Fernando has extensive experience and expertise in the fields of Banking and Financial sector particularly at the policy making levels in financial regulation and supervision, information technology, national accounting, macro-economic analysis and statistics, finance and fund management. At the Central Bank he was the Chairman of the Financial Stability Committee, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Member of the Risk Management Committee and Chairman of the National Payment Council. He also functioned as the Secretary to the Monetary Board during 2009/2010.

He was an ex-officio Board Member in several regulatory organisations, namely the Securities Exchange Commission, the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka, the Chairman of the Credit Information Bureau, Institute of Bankers - Sri Lanka and has also served as a Board Member at Employers Trust Fund, Lanka Clear (Pvt) Ltd and Lanka Financial Services Bureau.

During his career he has initiated and spearheaded several key projects of national importance, especially in the area of developing the infrastructure for the national payments and settlement system.

Mr. Fernando has served a number of committees at national level covering a range of subjects representing the Central Bank.

He has been appointed the Chairman of Golden Key Credit Card Company and currently serves in the Boards of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC, Union Bank of Sri Lanka PLC, Taprobane Holdings Ltd, Ceylon Leather Products PLC a PLC and Thomas Cook Travels Sri Lanka.

Mr. I.C. Nanayakkara

Mr. D M D K Thilakaratne

Mr. Krishan Thilakaratne is the Director/CEO of Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC. He is also the Head of Islamic Finance Business of LOLC Group and the Head of Valuation Unit of LOLC under LOLC Motors Ltd. Mr. Thilakaratne also serves as a Director of Commercial Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd, which is the market leader insurance brokering in Sri Lanka.

Previously he held the positions of CEO of Lanka ORIX Factors and CEO, Auto Finance of the LOLC Group. He conceptualised the introduction of Islamic Finance to LOLC Group in 2007.

He is an Associate Member of the Institute Bankers of Sri Lanka (AIB) and joined the LOLC Group in 1995.