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Loan Facilities


This is our core business. We offer both leasing of vehicles and equipment at competitive rates. You could obtain this facility within just 24 hours after application.

Our company provides customized packages, with flexible repayment terms.We lease brand-new, reconditioned and registered vehicles. Leasing of equipment is offered to corporate clients.

Why Leasing?

It is easier and faster: Leasing is the most convenient mode of fixed asset financing which includes Vehicles, Machineries, Office equipment etc. Leasing does not require extensive documentation and procedures.

It offers certainty: A lease cannot be cancelled unlike a bank overdraft which is repayable on demand and which may be reduced during a credit squeeze.

It permits piecemeal financing: Leasing affords this for small acquisitions of equipment for which debt financing would be impractical.

It provides a way out of loan covenants: Leasing is not classified as borrowing and may circumvent restrictive loan covenants.

It creates a hedge against inflation: Leasing enables you to acquire assets at current prices and repay from future earnings.

It is more economical : Leasing can be the least expensive means of financing when you consider tax advantages, enhanced cash flow, faster processing speed and access to additional credit lines.


How We Meet Your Requirements

We have designed a range of payment options to suit your needs.

Fixed Rental Scheme - You make periodic payments (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly) of equal fixed amounts over the leased period.

Stepped-up Rental Scheme - You make payments that are stepped-up in successive periods or years. This scheme is suitable where your cash flow is thin at inception such as in start-up ventures.

Stepped-down Rental Scheme - You make payments that are stepped-down in successive periods or years. This scheme is suitable if you are a cash rich entity who opts to pay surplus funds at inception.

Balloon Rental Scheme - You pay a large percentage of the asset cost at the tail end of the lease. This scheme is suitable where the bulk of the cash flow is at the end of the lease.

Initial Rental Scheme - You make payments at the inception of the lease and reduce periodic rental payments. Such balloon rental contracts entered into at the end of the financial year enable you to optimize tax savings.


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