• Commercial Factors

  • Recource Factoring

  • Invoice Discounting

  • Debtor Cheque Discounting

  • Client Cheque Discounting

Debtor Cheque Discounting

    Creating alternative solutions

  • Upfront cash on your Debtor’s cheques up to 70 - 90% of the cheque value, enables you to demand for cash discounts from your suppliers.
  • Discount your debtor’s cheque without informing your debtors (Confidential Factoring).
  • Management Information for you to take timely decisions such as credit exposure to individual debtors, Details of Cheques dishonoured.
  • Managing your receivables and support cash flow/ financial planning.
  • Online facility to view/access your account from where you are.
  • Facility to operate through any of our branches located island-wide.